3 mm okoume

Posted by nancy on Apr 1, 2006

I remember seeing a post on methods to lighten a kayak, including using 3 mm okoume for the deck. Was that limited to the deck? I am about to spend a week with 3 of my neices and nephews in a marathon kayak building workshop. I have built the millcreek double and the Ch 17LT, and we are setting out to build another millcreek and 2 CH 17LTs. Can I get away with 3 mm decks on either? I know the real weight is in the epoxy, and I must say my second boat (the Ch 17lt) is a testiment to thin fillets, microballon lighter endpours and other epoxy sparing tricks. Still it is hard for me to haul the thing onto and off the roof of my car, and I can't jog it up the hillside either. So , how do we lighten up?