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Posted by CLC on Feb 21, 2006

>>>>>>>>>>Now, jumping past the squaring/winding asjusting steps. I fit the bulkheads and start to lay the fillets. If I read the WR18 manual, the only fillets required are at the bulkheads (eboth sides), the bow and stern, and aft and forward at the keel for a length of 30" - it reads. Once cured, the boat is flipped over and the outer seams are filled. Are there no more fillets on the inside of the hull required other than those mentioned in the manual?


Nope, those are all of the fillets that are required. The angle between planks on the multi-chined West River is quite flat, so you really couldn't manage much of a fillet. Since the entire inside is 'glassed, the only place you need fillets is where there's a sharp angle between panels, such as up in the bow and stern.

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