Posted by Tim on Feb 21, 2006

Hey guys/gals! I almost got what could be mistaken for a kayak here! I have to install the sheer panels yet and then on to the bulkheads and fillets.

Now, jumping past the squaring/winding asjusting steps. I fit the bulkheads and start to lay the fillets. If I read the WR18 manual, the only fillets required are at the bulkheads (eboth sides), the bow and stern, and aft and forward at the keel for a length of 30" - it reads. Once cured, the boat is flipped over and the outer seams are filled.

Am I missing anything here? Are there no more fillets on the inside of the hull required other than those mentioned in the manual? I am assuming that the glassing on the inside and outside of the hull takes care of the rest.

Will anxiously await to hear back.......

I am so excited!