Re: scraps & hemostats

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 4, 2006

I carry a fully equipped wilderness First Aid kit that comes complete with benzoin swabs, gauze, assorted bandages and lots of other stuff. I've done the hook-in-the-finer-webbing thing, too! I was 16 yrs at the time. The hook was snagged in rocks or something so I reefed hard and up on the rod, the line went verrrrrry tight and suddenly *snap*...the hook let go, splashed the water up towards me as it took flight, I ducked my head and raised my hands instinctively and *ssssfooot*...I was in great pain. There was no blood but my dad was ticked off some good. Now, if he was me, he'dda shoved it through, snipped the barb and gone back to fishin' Instead we had to rush off the hospital like I was gonne die if we didn't. I have had to patch up my children from time to time, no big deal except where stitches were concerned. They were afraid of that gleaming shine in my eyes when I saw their blood so they ran off screaming to mommy about wanting to go the hospital and (and I quote) "get daddy away from he, he wants to do it himself". trusting while their young enough to be so, then they get older and refuse to believe that Dad can help.

Robert N Pruden

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