Re: scraps & hemostats

Posted by James Eager on Feb 3, 2006

I carry hemostats when I paddle caus' they are part of the usual flyfishing parafenaglia. I have not been bring much in the way of first aid equipment though...I would but even the wilds of Connecticut dont bring you too far from a walk in clinic. However, this past October I was having a beauty day catching striped bass, I lost count after like thirty fish (the better the angler the better the liar...but really) and decided I would catch and release one more...well the big old #2 hook popped out of its lip and right through my hand (little webbing between thumb and pointer). So now I can empathize with the poor devils...they dont bleed like I did though. I tried some big gause and tape but it would not a I paddled in... carry a decent first aid kit folks.

In Response to: Re: Fiberglass scraps by Robert N Pruden on Feb 3, 2006