Re: glass on coaming

Posted by Dave Houser on Oct 31, 2005

I epoxied the stack together in the usual prewet, add thickened epoxy and clamp sequence one layer at at time. The delamination in the top spacer occured at the back of the cockpit, where everyone sits during entry. I rounded the top inside lip a lot there to make rolling more comfortable. I have about 1/2 inch of the top spacer width left there. Adding glass to the top of the coaming and wrapping over the laminations on the cockpit side of the spacers would eliminated this problem.

The coaming lip is a single layer of 4 mm plywood with no glass. It cracked vertically over the outside edge of the spacer stack on both sides of the cockpit. That is the spot that gets abused during tee-rescues. It failed in tension on the top of the plywood lip and the bottom ply of the lip has not yet failed. I suspect just glassing the top of the spacer would have prevented this failure.

In Response to: Re: glass on coaming by LeeG on Oct 27, 2005