Re: unglassed 4mm..

Posted by terry on Nov 1, 2005

This raises an interesting question: is 6 mm necessary at all, particularly in bulkheads?

Using 3 or 4 mm in the coaming would take some more time, but would also be a nice use for all those scraps we are too lazy or cheap (or both) to throw out.

Also, if you're gonna glass the coaming anyway, why not make it in two halves, which would be another way to use smaller scraps?

Yeah, lighter and cheaper bulkheads, cheaper coamings equal more money for my miserly self. Yum.

Actually, why have decks? Can't we all just make longer spray skirts? My wife says I'm not playing with a full deck anyway, so why not eliminate it entirely?


In Response to: unglassed 4mm.. by LeeG on Oct 31, 2005