Build time for Shearwater

Posted by Dave on Oct 15, 2005

The write up on the Shearwater talks about some steps that were taken to reduce build time.

What is the difference in the built time vs. say the Ches17? That is - has anyone built both the Chesapeake and the Shearwater and how would you compare the build time and complexity of the two?

Are there any significant difference in the build techniques? With all of the deck forms, it looks like you write the hull together, build the deck, glass the underside of the deck to hold it together, pull the forms, put the fillets in the hull and glass it - but what about the shear clamps? Does it use them, and if so when do they go in?

How much work is the strip built deck - does it add significant time to the build?

Does the shape of the deck make this one any harder to glass then the standard CLC deck?

What is the thickness of the wood and the fiberglass cloth on the Shearwater? The standard at CLC is 4mm and 6oz. If that is the case here, can these be built with 3mm and 4oz (i.e. racing kit) and how would one order this and what would be the delta in price?

Lastly, are the footbraces on the Shearwater the standard screw through the hull type, or are they they the inside peg variety?

On the inlay/onlay's - has anyone found a vendor who can make these from supplied artwork?

Sorry for all the questions - thanks for helping to sort them all out.