Re: Build time for Shearw

Posted by Dave on Oct 18, 2005


Thanks for taking the time to answer all of these questions. Great info. I'll probably talk to you tomorrow about the timeline for getting one of these and whether it will work in my schedule.

b.t.w. I've alway found it interesting to have the build time described in number of hours - I've always thought of it in number of epoxy steps (thus translated into absolute minimum number of days) believing that waiting for epoxy to dry is the gating factor in getting the boat built. I've never been concerned about how many hours it would take - just how many days. Because you have to wait for epoxy to dry quite often, you can't accelerate the build simply by putting in more hours.

If there was a way to get more then one epoxy step in a day - it would be very interesting to hear input on. Is it possible to combine fast dry and slow dry epoxy on a build? For instance - glueing panels together, shear clamps on, footbrace pegs, end pours (well - they dry fast anyway), coaming, hatches, etc. etc. with fast epoxy, and then the major - fiberglassed - surfaces with slow epoxy - you could turn out one of these puppies in a week or less.

When CLC does these group build sessions - do you have folks use a combination of fast and slow dry epoxy or even all fast dry? Can you share any thoughts on how to minimize the start time to the finish time assuming one can spend countless hours working on it in the process? Sorry - I hope this doesn't sound like an absurd way of thinking about building a kayak - but I would assume that in the shop you are often trying to minimize the build time and wonder if there are things you do outside the standard instructions to accelerate the process.

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