Re: fiberglass thoughts

Posted by Lenny Flank on Oct 14, 2005

Well, I use a skin-on-frame (skinned with aircraft Dacron), so I'm already pretty used to launching in water, not running it up on beaches, and keeping an eye out for mangrove roots, oyster shells, sandbars, etc etc etc. Indeed, one of the reasons I became interested in a stitch-n-glue was that it would resist all the accidental mangrove pokes better than my SOF does.

But I would certainly like to keep the weight of the boat as low as I can (no matter how I cut it, a stitch-n-glue is going to weigh more than my SOF does), so I'm curious about the "no fiberglass" thingie. I presume that instead of glassing the hull, it just gets a couple coats of epoxy and then some varnish/paint? How much weight does that actually save? And just how well does the un-glassed hull stand up to mangrove roots and oyster shells and such? I'd guess that at minimum you'd want a layer or two of reinforcing fiberglass tape at the bow and along the keel line, right?

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