Re: fiberglass thoughts

Posted by Charlie on Oct 13, 2005

Lenny, A S&G boat does not have to have fiberglass sheathing. A lot of S&G's were built that had 'glass on the seams and that was it. These boats were much lighter but were suceptible to damage because all the wood was exposed. I still paddle an old Kulczicki design called "Yare". It's very low volume and weighs about 30 lb. The reason the weight can be kept so low is the small amount of epoxy needed to build the boat. Epoxy is the densest component so it can drive weight up sharply. To keep my bottom from getting carved up I always mount and dismount in knee deep water. Forget about building building in epoxy and 'glass. It's a very demanding method which almost nobody bothers with. In the time it takes to build just the mold you can build two S&Gs. Charlie

In Response to: fiberglass thoughts by Lenny Flank on Oct 12, 2005