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Posted by CLC on Oct 4, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Chessie seems a bit wide. How easy is that boat to roll? Has it inherited the paddling characteristics of the North Bay?


The Chesapeakes and the North Bay don't have anything to do with one another; the North Bay is 20" wide and meant for speed. The Chesapeakes are high-volume touring boats, though not slow by any standard. The old North Bay has been replaced in the line-up by the Arctic Hawk and its eventually-to-be-released siblings.

>>>>>>>>I've paddled an older copy of the Hawk, and I liked it very much. I don't remember how well my big size 11 feet fit into it. How is foot room in this boat? Will feet fit into it, with water shoes on?


Mark Rogers has about Size 11's. The Arctic Hawk has a small cockpit in keeping with its performance dimension and its West Greenland heritage. If you fit in the Wilderness Systems version you should fit in the CLC version, though if you have any concern and can't track one down to try on, go with the larger "keyhole cockpit" option.

>>>>>>>>>>>> The Shearwater sounds like a great addition to the CLC line.


There are differences in hull shape, but both the Shearwater and the Arctic Hawk are sporty kayaks. An important difference is that the Shearwater has a much larger cockpit.

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