kayak choice

Posted by bill hansen on Oct 4, 2005

I've built several CLC kayaks (5 1/2, to be exact), I have a modified North Bay partly completed, and I'm trying to decide what to build next. I'm hoping someone here can tell me their experience and/or their own preferences.

The boats I'm most interested in now are the Arctic Hawk, the Shearwater 17, or perhaps a cut-down Chesapeake 18.

The Chessie seems a bit wide. How easy is that boat to roll? Has it inherited the paddling characteristics of the North Bay?

I've paddled an older copy of the Hawk, and I liked it very much. I don't remember how well my big size 11 feet fit into it. How is foot room in this boat? Will feet fit into it, with water shoes on?

The Shearwater sounds like a great addition to the CLC line. I remember a CLC employee telling me, years ago, that he really liked Eric Schade's designs. I've never paddled any of the Shearwaters. I like the lines, the width, and the cambered deck very much. If there were a Shearwater 18, that might just be my first choice.

Feel free to send any thoughts to my personal e-mail, or post them here.

Thanks - Bill Hansen