models for young kids?

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Sep 29, 2005

Good morning,

I have been thinking about making a small kayak for my girls who are now 6 and 2 that they could "grow through" on their way to something bigger if they find they enjoy it enough. They do get a kick out of paddling around with me in the canoe and the older one used to ask to ride in the aft storage compartment (yes, with the hatch cover off) of my WR18 which of course we never did even when she was small enough to fit in it. It seems to me the Chesapeake 14 is far too much for a six year old to handle, but perhaps I am wrong. The only other model for a wooden kayak I can find on line is the Shearwater Rising Star which 12'6" in length with a beam of 19.5". Any thoughts on these models or any others I have missed? I'd much rather build another kayak than buy a little plastic thing for them even if they don't use it much. Thanks for your help.