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Posted by terry on Sep 30, 2005


I've built several 14s, both to the plans and with lots of changes. I've also built two, 1/2 scale 14s (7' long). The scaling and plan mods. each took an afternoon of pleasant pondering over the plans with a calculator. No big deal and nowhere near rocket science.

You may still wish to build a stock 14. Assuming it's a winter project, she'll be a year older and larger when it's complete. Her seat could be raised a bit to give her paddle clearance, and the higher center of gravity could be compensated for by small water jugs or some gear in each hatch. The foot peg rails could be mounted aft and moved forward in later years. You could even install a rudder to make it a snap to handle the boat with minimum paddling skills. Unless she gets to be a very big girl, the fourteen could last her lifetime. I made one for my wife (5'9", 120 lbs.). The only signifcant mod. was that I raised the sheer an inch and made the foredeck radius a bit tighter to give her plenty of foot room. Fits her like a glove.

I just finished a 14 for myself (5'10", 175 lbs. size 11 shoe) which has 1.3 inches more beam in addition to the extra sheer height. Paddles like a nimble seal. I love it on protected waters. Both boats are under 32 lbs. equipped (but no hatches nor rudders). Careful construction could yield a sub-30 lb. standard 14 for your daughter that she could heft and handle herself in a few years.

All this being said, you could scale back a 14 to make it 12' or so. You might sacrifice some beam and, subsequently, some stability and long term usefulness for your daughter.


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