What LeeG and JF Said

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 13, 2005

NEVER (attempt to) abide with a trapped water condition! Never!

I agree 100% with LeeG. I carve my own minicell seats, and provide 'em with notches to fit the hip plates; then the suspended back rest completes its entrapment within the cockpit. And to hell with having to remember to remove anything (my apologies, but...) remembering to remove stuff is gonna mean LOST stuff to Yours Truly.

My seat remains loose, but it ain't goin' nowhere... unless I unsnap the back rest, and then wrestle it the rest of the way out. Heck, it's just being loose in there is almost the perfect solution, except that you must remove the seat every now and then, if the boat sits idle, otherwise insect colonies may establish little outposts under it while you ain't payin' attention.

Yeah, go ahead: ask me how I know all this.

Cheers! Kurt


In Response to: Re: Wet seat by John Foster on Sep 13, 2005