Jim, you crack me up...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 14, 2005

You couldn't possibly pick a worse person to ask about finishing than Kurt Maurer! Why, I'm famous for simply slapping on a final coat of epoxy and calling it a day. All I can think about is getting my butt to the water and shoving off asap (I paddle anywhere from eight to twenty miles at least five days a week, and generally enjoy a quick rolling session to cool off on my "off" days).

I'm getting better about not tearing my kayaks up so badly, though, and may yet get into the varnish game once again; perhaps this winter?

About having a few bugs in the system: I stashed one of my Cormorant under some foliage for three weeks while I had a particularly large project in my shop. When I eventually observed that it was quickly becoming a beloved component of the local natural habitat - I sport one of those "back-to-nature" yards - I brought 'er back in for a little TLC. When I removed the seat, I discovered a million pillbugs having a fine scouting jamboree underneath. While I hated to break up their little party, I was mighty glad not to have done so by blithely sitting upon it. Some discoveries are great and good, and then there are others that just ain't, knowwhatImean?

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: What LeeG and JF Said by JIm S on Sep 13, 2005