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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 9, 2005

Dennis, where the heck you at? Sounds like my home waters. Bayous and gar, yup, yup, yup.

Forget the deck beams, dude; they'll just stay in there for no good reason, and add a buncha weight you don't want to lug around. Check out my website, linked below, to see how a temporary strongback can be arranged to build upon, then discarded when the job is done.

Some folks will say to forget the strongback, even, and simply fasten the forms to the sheer clamps. But I used sheer clamps in the extreme ends where I couldn't reach only, and taped the rest. Final result: a 16-foot kayak very similar to the C16LT, coming in at 35 lbs.


Kurt Maurer

League City, Texas

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