strips for 16 LT's deck?

Posted by dennis on Sep 9, 2005

I finished a 16LT, enjoyed the building process as well as paddling it around the bayous that we have around here among the alligators and gars.

I found the building process of the 16LT is fairly straight forward. The boat itself is nice, light weight and easy to handle. Da boss (aka financial manager) loves it. I would like to build another LT16, but this time with a strip deck -- just something different.

From what I found with my 16LT, I can build the hull with plywood (S&G), add a extra temp deck beams and I can build the deck with strips right on top of the beams.

Right, wrong? Or I would have an ugly duckling hybrid as a result??

I am waiting for the to be announced Shearwater hybrid from CLC but it has yet to show. I am just itching to stast a new project...

Thank you for your comments!