Re: Fitting bulkhead ?

Posted by Howard on Sep 4, 2005

if you are building from a kit where everthing is cut by computer, the bulkheads, in my experience are typically very close to their proper size (if they are being put in the locations specified on the plans). the major exception that i have noted in past builds are that you will have to cut around the shear clamp notch to get the bulkhead sides to sit flush with the sides of the hull.

that being said, you will usually find that fitting the bulkheads is going to require a bit of pressure to help pop the hull into its design shape. where you will typically notice this are: 1) that the bulkkead installation will require the bottom panels to assume a more V shape (to correspond to the angle at the botton of the bulkhead) and 2) that the bulkhead will spread the sides out at more of an angle than they would assume in the absence of the bulkhead.

you will need to adjust the bulkhead with some planing if any particular side is longer than the width of the panel it is mated up against. after placing the bulkheads you should also carefully site down the hull and ensure that the placement of the bulkhead does not cause a bulge in the panels. if it does...that would also be a reason to trim the bulkhead.

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