Fitting bulkhead ?

Posted by Mulepilot on Sep 3, 2005

I have a really stupid pair of questions here, so please bear with me. I'm building a CH 17LT and am ready to fit the bulkheads. When measuring from the bow, I assume that I am to run the tape from the point of the bow while holding it above the hull centerline, keeping the tape fairly level. That I am NOT to measure down along the front of the bow, correct?

Up to this point everything look surprisingly good. The hull needed very little tweaking, almost none really when I was checking it with the levels across the hull. To the eye everythink looks good as well. However, when I try to fit the bulkheads, they really don't want to go where they are supposed to. Is this normal? SHould I just trim a little off them? It appears that all I need to do is to trim a small amount off the bulkheads along their bottom, where they contact the very bottom of the hull.

Thanks in advance,