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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 26, 2005

Raul, I carved my first stick back in '03, when I was paddling my MC13. It didn't work worth a hoot, but it's difficult to say why...

Some people take to the GP right away, and others, like me for instance, have to struggle with it forever before the magic door unlocks and it becomes not only viable, but preferable. This finally happened for me only a few months ago; although it isn't like I worked on it constantly either, mind you.

Best advice I know is to just go ahead and carve one, then start experimenting. I would suggest making it longer than you think you need, so you can trim it down if desired. You might also need to carve two or three paddles before you get the hang of it and turn one out that really sings. My first one never did perform all that well for some reason, although to be honest, I haven't re-tested it since the technique came alive in my little life. I really need to do it someday.

Again remembering that everyone sees things differently, I tend to believe the GP is best suited to narrower boats. But then, you can always deviate a little, and give the blades a little extra width; make 'em sorta like a beavertail canoe paddle... or Aleut-style paddle (which I still don't understand much about).

One thing is for sure: it's really cool to be able to make your own paddles!

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Greenland Paddle for 33"W by raul on Aug 25, 2005