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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 26, 2005

Juan Foster (now THERE'S a name) sez "If you can get used to a GP, they`re great! I was lucky with not much yak paddling experience and liked them almost at once. But that`s just me."

Interesting thought you bring up. Now that I think about it, it seems like the people with the least paddling experience tend to be the ones who accept the GP the quickest. Makes sense, if you ask me, since we all tend to go with what we started with...

At any rate, there's one thing for absolute certain: Greenland paddles work, and they work very well. That much we know. The rest is a mere matter of getting the human being to become at least as smart as a piece of wood.

Cheers, Kurt

(Wonder what 'Kurt' would be in Spanish?)

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