Re: wood inlays on deck

Posted by Chris Taylor on Aug 26, 2005

I agree. Install the deck first. I can't see how you could accurately centre your onlay otherwise. I too used carpenter's glue on the raw (sanded but no epoxy) deck. You just need a light coat of glue on the veneer onlay pieces (to avoid getting extra glue on the exposed deck). Once positioned, I placed a bit of plastic over the onlay and weighed it down with a sand bag to apply even pressure over the curve of the deck. Once dry, I sanded the onlay lightly to feather the edges and then simply laid down and wetted out the glass cloth. I was a bit more generous with the epoxy at the edges of the onlay to make sure no bubbles remained, but not so much to risk floating the glass. btw, I glassed the deck with only 2.5 oz glass which is very compliant (though perhaps not as durable in the long-run). Unless you run your hand over it to feel the slight relief, you would swear it was inlay. I did small compass roses on the fore and aft decks and 4 small corresponding points around the cockpit.

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