End-Pour Results

Posted by Steve on Aug 25, 2005

About 12 hours after the end-pours, the hardened overflowed epoxy and wood flour mix popped right off of the areas on the side of the boat that were covered with clear packing tape. The expanded hardened blobs on each end of the boat were quickly chopped down close to the proper shape with a carving chisel and a mallet, refined with a wood rasp, and finished with the sander and 80-grit paper. All is well. Recap: The mix for each of the two end-pours was three pumps each of System Three Silvertip epoxy and slow hardener, mixed with wood flour to a runny pancake batter consistency. It appears to have turned into an expanding foam that grew beyond the area where it was poured (some of it overflowed down the side of the boat) and then hardened. Because I was prepared for this, cleanup was fairly easy.

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