Re: End-Pour Results

Posted by J. Schott on Dec 10, 2005

Ben, I had a similar result on my first build. Only you will know about the "mess", so don't worry about it unless it is causing a structural problem. If you are obssesive/compulsive like me, a dremel tool and some careful grinding should reduce the "mess" to an acceptable level. Since you have not glassed the exterior I would be careful with the hull. A scraper would probably be the best tool remove the runs off the outside and then finish it with some careful sanding. On my second and third build I taped the open ends with several layers of duct tape. The boats were stood up on end and the thickened epoxy was poured in. Expansion was not a problem and once the tape was removed the enpours were sanded down to the contour of the sheer clamps. Endpours have been quite a source of frustration here, and the cause of a lot of builders innovation as well. Good luck with the rest of the build-Joey

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