Deck cloth w/ rubrail

Posted by Dames on Aug 18, 2005

When putting a rubrail on the boat,(LT17) the building guide suggests trimming the deck cloth "flush with the deck edge" - this however is after the discussion on coating the glass with epoxy. Pg. 131 step 6 of my guide. The statement "Let the deck cure for 24 hours after the final coat." is followed by the trimming rubrails statement. Do I epoxy the deck cloth down the 1 1/2" side of the boat then trim "flush with the deck edge,..." - leaving a cut at the joint of the deck and side of the boat? This dosn't make sense to me. My thoughts are that the deck cloth is trimmed "flush with the deck edge,.." and NOT epoxied to the side . The rubrail provides the protection that the deck cloth overlap provides with out the rubrail. Is the correct? Thanks.