Re: Sail for the MC 16.5

Posted by Petewp on Aug 11, 2005

Hi Kirk,

I cant give you any info on the handeling yet as Im still working on it. Im hoping itll be in the water at the end of september - or close to it. Either way, with drysuit in hand i plan to sail it and winter be damned.

With regard to the sailrig. Understand that the mods to your Mill Creek were designed into the Sailrig to be minimal at best. Really, just a few inconspicuous add-ons for all that "riggery". Its actually quite neat in that respect. At anyrate, fear not, you arent losing your kayak - at all.

Me? Wether or not I change it into a fulltime sailrig will depend on how I feel about its handeling, and wether or not itd be of benefit to make anything more robust. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt I intend to beef up the mast step and mast footing. Strong enough to be sure for the given sail loads out of 40 sq. feet. But, I have a streak or seeing about getting some silly speed out of it. Definately not a catamaran, but I do want to stir the mix a bit.

Again, you wouldnt be losing your kayak by a long shot. The success of the sailrig is that it is so low impact on any given kayak.

Oh...with regard to your leeboard gurgling... are you sure its squared to the mount and parallel to the boat itself? If its canted a bit you could be sucking air for that reason. As far as the bubbles traveling away at an angle dont forget your craft is pushing a pressure wave through the water - no matter how skinny or fine it is. Perhaps you are seeing the result of it?



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