Re: Sail for the MC 16.5

Posted by KirkE on Aug 11, 2005

I was thinking about building the amas and akas for the mill creek. However, with all of the other stuff I must add to the kayak, these might just turn into one more thing.

With the added stability that the kit would provide would entice me to go out in even stronger winds. Then the Mill Creek has the open cockpit which would necessatate a self bailing pressure difference drain. I saw something like that put on a canoe for sailing.

At some point, the kayak would turn into a sailboat.

Do you know if the extra hulls in the water (although only one at a time) provided any keel like properties? Enough to go without the leeboard? That is, I wouldn't mind replacing the leeboard with the amas and akas.


In Response to: Re: Sail for the MC 16.5 by Petewp on Aug 10, 2005