Re: modified sailrig deck

Posted by don on Jul 25, 2005

My thought was to plane down the shears to just a slight angle (through test fitting) and adding shear clamps (right term? or is it cleats?) to either side of the bulkheads (fore and aft) that would have a SLIGHT radius. If minimal enough, I'm proposing, than the deck should attach relatively easily, have the support of the cleats and look that much better...

I'm torn, as this is my first project and I am reluctant to 'throw out the rule book / directions' until I have completed a project.

Just seems like an easy change with good aesthetic payoff...

I'll keep you all posted on which way I go with it and the outcome...

Thanks fo your input,


In Response to: Re: modified sailrig deck by LeeG on Jul 23, 2005