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Posted by Walt on Jul 24, 2005

Sorry about not reporting back on the nylon webbing, idea but I just found the style of webbing I was looking for and because of a delivery date for the kayak I opted for a white boot stripe instead. I put a 1”boot stripe on the hull wrapping it about 1/4 “ onto the deck it looks great, no ragged edge at the varnish like you can get when trying to paint to a tape line. My neighbor has a formula and on it they use the boot stripe for a rub rail, it seams to hold up just fine for him. The webbing idea is shelved for now, when I have some time I’ll play with the material and see how well it glues to the hull. As far as glassing the hull goes just take you time mix small batches and try to keep the epoxy on the hull and not the floor.

Love the progress you are making Take Care Walt

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