More advice needed

Posted by Crystal on Jul 24, 2005

two things. In a day or so I will be at the point I've been most apprehensive glassing of the entire hull. The deck was fairly challenging, and the hull seems much more complicated....any tips? Next, for years I've been paddling an Old town Loon 138 ( a plastic, kayak wantabe...)Anyhow, besides the keel at the bow and stern, my largest area of wear is at the sheer definitely I want to put a black rubrail on my Hawk, what ideas do you guys have for it? Any picts? I thought about a vinyl boat stripe that could be replaced every other year or so, but I'd rather have something alittle more substantial, someone mentioned nylon webbing, however, I've yet to hear the details or see a pict. I'd love to hear ideas on the best rubrail.