one more epoxy question..

Posted by don on Jul 22, 2005

As an avid follower of this forum, I just know I will get a (many) good answer to this question.

I am in the midst of building the sailrig and I am at the point where I have just epoxied the sheer clamps to two of the top panels.

Being new to estimating how much epoxy would be required, I mixed up a (what I thought to be)good batch of epoxy with some thickener.

Having applied the epoxy to the panels and clamped the the sheer clamps on, I realized that I was looking at having another hockey puck to kick around the shop.

Wanting to take advantage of this opportunity without getting to far ahead of myself (this was all happening at 1 am), I remembered the words I had read in the System 3 epoxy book just a few hours before about coating panels with a coat of epoxy BEFORE stitching them together.

According to the epoxy book, I should have no trouble bending the epoxied panel into place and stitching it.

Finally, to my question: Has anyone epoxied panels before bending and stitching and did it work? Is it a problem that I only have one of these two panels epoxied (will their bending characteristics be different)?

I can't believe the success I have had so far, on my own, and I am getting a little paranid by any uncertainty that could lead to disaster...

Thanks for any feedback! :)