Re: A drop of epoxy?

Posted by Howard on Jul 18, 2005

i tend to agree with lee that drill/fill/drill is not a particularly practical approach for a screw you're anchoring through the hard epoxied deck and into the soft cypress sheer clamps lee would create a solid donut of epoxy and unless you actually tapped the hole, the action of driving a wood screw would be very difficult and likely split the donut of epoxy you created.

my only modification to the approach that lee described would be to drive the screw back into the hole after you put epoxy into it...and then back it out again...and then wait for it to cure. so...drill, screw in/out, couple drops of epoxy, screw in/out, let cure, silicone over screw and screw in.

the reason for this slight modification is to drive any excess epoxy out of the hole that you ensure your hole is capable of taking the screw when you drive it in for the final time.


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