Re: A drop of epoxy?

Posted by LeeG on Jul 18, 2005

epoxying screws into the sheer clamps will definately make them connected but semi-permanantly.

Fill/drill/fill works best for thicker cored laminates where the hardware would crush the laminate when installed or in use and the machine screws/bolts aren't binding on the epoxy as much as providing a noncompressible core in an otherwise compressible laminate.

While fill/drill/fill is applicable for four 1/4" footbrace rail screws it's not that practical for securing up to 26 wood screws into sheerclamps.

If you actually "drilled/filled/drilled" deck rigging holes the #10 deck rigging wood screws would have to expand into a solid donut of epoxy where the widest portion of the wood screw (non-threaded part below the head)would provide resistance to turning and not the threads further down, unlike a straight machine screw where the screw threads really aren't digging into the solid epoxy.

If you're anchoring wood screws through the hard epoxied deck and into the soft cypress sheer clamps the sequence I used was, drill the hole (through 1 1/2" blue masking tape on varnished deck), screw the screw in/out, swap or inject epoxy, let soak in and cure, remove masking tape, install hardware with silicone dabbed on screw. If you're in a hurry you can install the screws before it's cured (the epoxy soaks into the cypress so it shouldn't be filled or need re-drilling) just wait until it's partially cured/soft and be carefull of stripping out the screws becuase the silicone/sealant will lube the screws in the soft cypress.

If you're going to install rigging screws,washers,nylock nuts through the 4mm deck then definately make sure the inside of the hole is well sealed. An easy method for this if the underside of the deck isn't glassed is to drill the holes, put blue masking tape over the outside of the hole, turn the kayak over suspended by ropes at shoulder height to make access easier, slather epoxy over hole well and press a small (1")patch of glass cloth or tape over hole. This will seal the hole and put a solid connection on the underside of the deck for the washer and nut.

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