Re: Suitable workbench

Posted by mike noeske on Jul 13, 2005

For my Ches16, I cut a sheet of 1/2" plywood in half lengthwise, built the a framework from 1x4's for each piece of plywood. I let the plywood over hand the frame by about 3 inches on the two long sides and one end (so I could clamp to the plywood during construction of the kayak), flush with the frame on the other end. So I have two 2' x 8' tables. I can tie them together with a 8 foot 1x4 on each side, over lapping each table buy 4 feet, bolted to the frames. Making a 16 foot x 2 foot table. For my WR18 I built a another peice 4 feet long, which I can bolt to the others giving me a 20 foot long table, or a twelve foot table if I just used one other piece. Once the hull is stitched together, the table get un-bolted and stacked against a garage wall.


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