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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 12, 2005

I was in a pinch to build my two Mill Creek 13s, my first foray into boatbuilding, at a total of $600... and ended up with roughly $700 in 'em.

Rule of thumb found since then: every next project comes in cheaper and lighter.

The tools you need in this business are minimal: a jigsaw, ROS, and a block plane (I've never even seen a kit). The talent you have for scrounging makes a huge difference. While it's true I'm a professional woodworker, it didn't help a lot in this endeavor from a cost standpoint, since boat building is a lot different from making cabinets. But then, I have to say that I already had lotsa sandpaper, clamps, and stuff like that on hand...

Also, as Kyle said, I scrounged the internet for the cheapest major stuff. I got lucky living here near Houston; okoume is readily available at $42 a sheet. But shop hard for epoxy and cloth is my advice.

If you do a really good job of keeping your outlay down, figure about $400 per boat... maybe. Kits cost more than gathering it all yourself, but it's the same thing as buying a gallon of milk at a convenience store when you just don't want to screw with Krogers. The money you save is proportional to the amount of footwork you're willing to put into it.

Cheers, Kurt

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