Re: compatibility issues?

Posted by Karl on Jun 15, 2005

Did that itchy trigger finger thing again, sorry.

I've never been quite happy with the inside of my cockpit (appearance wise, you know, impatient first time builder and all). I've considered painting it white, after I smooth it off as much as possible. Since the boat is finished , and I've been using it over the last couple of months, I figure a spray can of white would give me a better shot into the interior.

My question regards whether or not a spray paint containing Xylene and Toluene as solvents would present any compatibility issues with the epoxy? Rest assured, I understand all of the health benefits of these chemicals (Not!) and have PPE and ventilation. I just don't want to compromise the integrity of the epoxy coating inside the cockpit (as ugly a job as I did, it still protects the wood..............).

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