Re: compatibility issues?

Posted by CLC on Jun 18, 2005

>>>>>My question regards whether or not a spray paint containing Xylene and Toluene as solvents would present any compatibility issues with the epoxy? .>>>>>>>>>>

That's perfectly compatible, provided you've cleaned off the epoxy with some vile solvent like lacquer thinner.

For spot jobs, it's hard to beat hardware store, Rustoleum-style spray paint.

A real tip: Say you've primed your boat with white primer, then sanded it, and now you've got the splotchy thing going, with dark and light spots. Low-pigment colors like red and yellow will take forever to cover the dark spots. A quick shot with generic white spray paint on the dark spots (followed by a quick sanding to even up the surface, of course), and you'll get quicker coverage when you get to the finish paint. We've done this a few times and it works.

The overspray is terrible with those spray cans, though, so be careful not to get it on something else.

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