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Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 10, 2005

I use System 3 and weigh each and every batch. This info applies only to their standard resin and hardener not their new Silvertip which I have not used yet.

As noted above the 2:1 ratio is by volume not by weight. The two ingredients do NOT weigh the same. Just a little math now.

I measure out whatever amount of hardener I need then weigh it. Of course my scale has been zero'd so the weight of the cup is not factored. It takes 2.33 resin to hardener by weight so I multiply the grams of hardener X 2.33 to get the amount of resin needed. I add that back to the amount of hardener I started with then dispense the resin until I hit the total weight needed. I make notes on a scrap of paper so I will not forget the numbers.

I dispense the resin from a plastic mustard bottle. I can do just a drop at a time if needed. My scale weighs to the 1/10th gram which is more than accurate even for small batches. For bigger batches than my scale will do I weigh the resin and hardener in seperate cups and then mix.

For example. 12.5 grams of hardener X 2.33 = 29.1 grams of resin needed for a total weight of 41.6 grams (1.5 ounces)

Duckworks on line boat building magazine had a neat balance scale a guy built to do this without the calculator. Some day I will build one. He used fender washers for weights.

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