Re: Measure by volume

Posted by Howard on Jun 10, 2005

your measures are set up by volume, not weight.

i just use cheap see-through plastic cups...that i calibrate with a known quantity of water and mark each unit on the cup. my unit corresponds to one unit/pump of resin. i then create a couple sets of cups....and designate one set resin and one hardener. (R/H). (note..on each cup i will typically mark out 10 to 15 units)

I then always go from the epoxy container to my resin or hardener measuring cup....and make sure that i got twice as much resin as hardener...and then poor into a final cup for mixing.

Since i have gone to this approach...i have avoided all problems of faulty pumps, or not letting the pump recover all the way prior to pumping again, or losing track of how many pumps of resin/hardener i have put into the a cup...becuase i see the ratio before the final mixing.

so you will also find that it is very accurate compared to the pumps.


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