Re: Kiss my glass II than

Posted by Howard on Jun 8, 2005

if its hot, three days will be fine.

it's time to get into the water.

if you have the time, leaving the boat more around two weeks may produce a marginally better result...but as Doug're going to end up with some dings i think its more about your schedule than anything else.

as for varnish....i think you can go in as little as 24 hours after the final coat...(see what the can says). however, you have sort of the same issue as with the epoxy...that it really super-hardens up after a couple weeks. so during the first week or so...if you are not careful, you can easily get indentations under your straps or where you support the boat on a sawhorse. again, however, these tend to be very minor points...and i would go with whatever schedule works for you.


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