Kiss my glass II thank u!

Posted by James Eager on Jun 8, 2005

A few days back i asked about sanding overlapping glass at the sheer line... a wee bit frustrated perhaps. Well, got er' done and am just letting things cure for a while prior to application of Schooner varnish. I sanded as flat as I could, tipped in a little epoxy where I had weave nookies and finished three coats on the woodwork...How long should I let it sit prior to varnish? And how long after varnish prior to launch. It is gonna be hot and muggy here for a spell. Yea, thanks CLC, I have had a good time with this project, your manual, plans and online/phone help have been great thus far. I hope to show you my completed mc 16.5 (with a few custom touches) in a two it possible?