Re: sanding printed weave

Posted by CLC on May 1, 2005

I think I'm visualizing where you are. I'd sand the whole thing with, say, 120grit. If I've got this right, you'll be left with a hull that has the ideal smooth gray-white surface over most of it, but in spots, especially on the sides, there will be weave showing.

One last thin coat will fill these spots and free you to sand and then varnish the whole banana.

OR, you could throw in the towel, because primer will fill those final spots handily.

I have this recurring fantasy of a giant epoxy dip-tank for the fussy fill coats. Just a fantasy, unfortunately, as a rectangular trough filled with enough epoxy to immerse a whole kayak would require about 540 gallons of resin and hardener, or $62,000 worth if you can wrassle a bulk discount.

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