Re: sanding printed weave

Posted by RogerJ on May 2, 2005

I was going to ask if you had used a sqee-gee. Rollers do add epoxy more or less evenly over both high spots and low. A squee-gee skims off the tops of high spots and if you do not use too much pressure will leave epoxy in the low spots. I have even applied epoxy useing a rag a clean old T-Shirt) and rubbing a thin coat of epoxy over the hull, then useing a 5 or 6in. squee-gee take off the excess. Scrape that off into a gunk can, do not reuse. Gunk can, empty frozen OJ cardboard "can" with a 3/4in slice cut into it, which you slide the sqee-gee through to clean it. RogerJ

In Response to: Re: sanding printed weave by Gert Walter on May 1, 2005



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