Gober!! GASP!!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 21, 2005

Why, you have handily outdone me, and make me feel like a greenhorn all over again! I'm so proud of you... sniff, sniff.

He's right, folks - it's an old cabinetmaker's bit o' wisdom that instead of trying to make a boo-boo vanish, one simply makes a feature of it. It's way easier to add something than to make an invisible repair, which is always a challenge even for the hoariest old pros. The result almost always adds greatly to the final product when done nicely, such a deal!

I vote for the veneer onlay idea... then it truly becomes *your* boat!

Gober also outshines me in remembering to contact the freighter, and tag their *ss for damages! Yah, what HE said.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: Repairing deck on MC by Gober on Apr 20, 2005