Re: Gober!! GASP!!!

Posted by Steve on Apr 22, 2005

Well, I dropped a 2x4 on my deck a couple years ago. Don't ask, it is a long painful story!!! I was able to push the plywood back into place from underneath. Then I placed a fiberglass patch on the inside with multiple coats of expoy. Then I sanded and epoxied the outside of the deck. I should mention that my deck does not have fiberglass cloth on the outside. I would think you could still do a similar fix with some sanding of the fberglass on the deck. Feather the edges and lay in a patch as best you can. Epoxy and sand to get everything even again. It might show a little, but dents and dings are inevitable. Just ask me about the rock I hit surfing with my C17!!!! The nice thing about a wooden kayak, at least you can fix it!!!

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