Re: MC16.5 solo paddler s

Posted by Dave on Apr 17, 2005

I often paddle our MC 16.5 solo -- fishing usually. As you see, the craft is very sensitive to trim and paddler position. The seat (yup the much maligned wood kind) is located between the two design positions and the solo foot braces are fixed wood according to the design and located for my legs or anyone else who happens to be 6-1. I also installed a cleat on each brace for a small anchor or drift sock. The three sets of rails are drilled for 1/4 inch bolts every inch on center to engage two holes aft on in the seat rail 5" on center. Use 1/4 inch eyebolts with nylon pull straps. Quick to change or adjust. Velcro would work too and/or an aftermarket seat rig We sure like our MC 16.5 and hope you continue to enjoy yours too. Dave

In Response to: MC16.5 solo paddler seat by Tom M. (MD) on Apr 16, 2005