Re: decorative inlays

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Apr 15, 2005


That is one heck of a nice sunset. Must be interesting paddling into the one on the horizon while seeing the other at the same time.

I'm no font designer, so I am not sure if the style has Celtic origins or not. It is the Herculanum font on my laptop. I just looked for one that had an old look about it -- "Waegflota" is an old English word that translates as "wave floater" and means "boat". At the point I chose the name I was just hoping the thing would indeed float when I was done with it -- it did. In five years when I finish building a sailboat I have my mind set on I'm going to name it "Waeghengest" which translates to something like "wave steed." Apparently, both of these get used in Beowulf, but I have not run across them yet in the likely parts of the story. Anyway, you just gotta love words like that...


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