Re: decorative inlays

Posted by Karl on Apr 15, 2005

Kevin, Rockler is a good source on the internet, and often if you have one of those neat everything-including-the kitchen sink type local hardware stores you might find it there (I have one of them locally, I'm lucky). Depending on the complexity of the pattern, and whether or not you are brave enough to touch your okuome with a router, you can set the pattern into the wood just enough to eliminate the transition bump. I set my router to just graze the surface of the wood, against a straight edge clamped to the deck, in order to establish a base line to set my pattern on. Since I was covering the nose all the way up, I just hit the rest with the ROS to feather the deck forward of the baseline.

By the way Dennis, I love the Runic style of writing. Celtic? I was playing with similar ideas while I was building, until the sunset thing hit me between the eyes.

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